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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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No. 9 - "I changed the Board and Now the Dumb Modular is flashing code 31 or 35"

Revised December 1999

Flashing Code 31 or 35 on Gilbarco Modular Pumps/Dispensers
Flash Price/003.1orFlash Price/003.5

Boy! Can this be frustrating or what? You change the board, or Battery or Pulser to cure a problem and then the pump flashes error code 31 or 35 at you, which means you have to do a RAM reset (Command Code 6). This removes Price and Totalizer memory and you have re-enter both.

Unless it was a faulty Battery, blame yourself! You did not turn off the Battery before unplugging something and the Controller Board, because it did not have a chance to go through a normal shut down procedure, figures it screwed up its memory. Thus the error code.

Make the following a hard and fast procedure when changing anything on a Modular pump.

Step 1. - Turn off Power to the head, either with a Circuit Breaker, or by pulling the bottom Fuse on the Power Supply (do not pull the top one as it is the Battery Fuse and will cause your problem). The displays should now only have the decimal places lit (if they are not the Battery was no good or the top Fuse was blown and you can quit blaming yourself).

Step 2. - If they did stay lit, turn off the Battery. To do this press "CLEAR" and "ENTER" on the pump keypad. The decimal places on the displays should now go out.

Step 3. - Now unplug and change anything you have to change.

If the Battery was dead or the Fuse was blown (as indicated in Step 1) or had been disconnected before powering the unit down, you will get error code 31 or 35 after you power the unit up.

Of course make sure you have plugged every thing back in before powering the unit back up!

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