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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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Trouble Shooting Tips!

Our electronic rebuilders division generates, gathers and publishes many trouble shooting tips or service information bulletins. The following are some of them:


MTI Trouble Shooting Tips for EQ30 Registers

MTI EQ30 Trouble Shooting for EQ30

Download all of our following Trouble Shooting Tips in one PDF Icon Format file: click here!

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Electronic Rebuilders Trouble Shooting Tips

Trouble Shooting Tip No 1

- Gilbarco Pump Error Codes (shown as a flashing PPU on the Displays).
Download as PDF File tst1.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 2

- Fluorescent Tubes and Pump Logic Lock Up Problems.
Download as PDF File tst2.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No. 3

- Reoccurring problems on Gilbarco Modular Pumps/Dispensers
Download as PDF File tst3.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No. 4

- The Hot Black Head - Heat build up in Gilbarco Highline Black painted heads
Download as PDF File tst4.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No. 5

- The Noisy Pump that does not Pump - Vapor Pressure and its effect on pumping with a suction pump.
Download as PDF File tst5.pdf

Trouble shooting Tip No 6

- Gilbarco Pump/Dispenser RAM and MASTER Resets.
Download as PDF File tst6.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 7

- Jumper Settings on T16226-G1 through G3 Screened Image Display.
Download as PDF File tst7.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 8

- That darn Gilbarco Code 34 - Battery Failed again!
Download as PDF File tst8.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 9

- I changed the Board and now the dumb Modular Gilbarco is flashing code 31 or 35 - What did I do wrong!
Download as PDF File tst9.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 10

- Turn Off That Power !
Download as PDF File tst10.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 11

- Kraus Type A and B SKIL 184 ATC Software Swapping - Board must be modified!
Download as PDF File tst11.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 12

- Dead Batteries on Gilbarco TCR-G2 Memory Expansion Boards.
Download as PDF File tst12.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 13

- Kraus Micon 200 Controller Board Modifications for Back Light Displays and Back Light Problems.
Download as PDF File tst13.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 14

- Those bugs bite! - keep them out of the electronics.
Download as PDF File tst14.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 15

- Sealing D & H EQ30 Pulsers to prevent water wicking up shaft.
Download as PDF File tst15.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 16

- Installing DG8340 Printers with Gilbarco Transac 12 systems.
Download as PDF File tst16.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 17

- Setting Pulse rates between Esco Consoles and D&H EQ30 Heads.
Download as PDF File tst17.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 18

- Installing PIcon Progressive International Consoles with Kraus Micon and MTI (D&H) EQ30 Heads - Issues
Download as PDF File tst18.pdf
Download NPDL Wiring Diagram A00378 - Installing with Kraus Micon 100 in PDF format.
Download NPDL Wiring Diagram A00379 - Installing with Kraus Micon 200 and 500 in PDF format.
Download NPDL Wiring Diagram A00385 - Installing with MTI (D&H) EQ30 Revision 1 Power Supply and Harness in PDF format.
Download NPDL Wiring Diagram A00384 - Installing with MTI (D&H) EQ30 Revision 2 & 3 Power Supply and Harness in PDF format.
Download NPDL Wiring Diagram A00386 - Installing with MTI (D&H) EQ30 Revision 4 Power Supply and Harness in PDF format.
Download EQ30 Wiring Harness Color and Pin Out for various Power Supply Revisions Various EQ30 Harness

Trouble Shooting Tip No 19

- SKIL 409A3 Kraus I.S. Switch Assembly may not be Faulty
Download as PDF File tst19.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 20

- Totalizer Readings from Kraus Micon 100, 200 and 500, and MTI (D&H) EQ30 Retrofit Heads with Progressive International C2000-K COnsoles
Download as PDF File tst20.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 21

- Installing C2000 or PIcon Progressive International Consoles
Download as PDF File tst21.pdf

Trouble Shooting Tip No 22

- Checking and Correcting Receptacle Reversed Polarity
before connecting a Console, Printer or other Electronic Device.
Download as PDF File tst22.pdf

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