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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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NPDL Support!
National Parts Distributing Ltd.and its electronic rebuilders division are proud
to support the products we sell and rebuild for sale!
Our warranties and technical support help are detailed below.


Our electronics technicians in our electronic rebuilders division will help solve field maintenance problems at anytime during regular Alberta business hours. They are just a phone call away.

In addition we  have expert help available at our sister companies, Measurement Technology International Ltd., Mid West Pump (90) Ltd and Mid West Compressor Ltd., which we can call on to help solve problems.

In addition the technical support departments of our suppliers are there to back us up and provide additional support.

How to Contact

The most immediate help is available by phone.
Ask for Mark or Dave at (587) 486-9925

You may also reach us by fax at (587) 486-9651 or by email at


electronic rebuilders division Limited Warranty

ERI Warranty

Mid West Pump (90) Ltd. Rebuilt Equipment Warranty and Procedure

Mid West Warranty Procedure

Measurement Technology International Ltd Warranty and Procedure

Measurement Technology International Ltd - Warranty Procedure

All other warranties are based on the manufacture's warranty. Contact us for specific details.

Quality Goal

electronic rebuilders Eight point Guarantee of quality

ERI quality statement

Trouble Shooting
electronic rebuilders division and Measurement Technology International Ltd..  publish Trouble Shooting Tips or Service Bulletins. We urge you our customers to submit solutions that you find and we will publish them here as well so that we can share and make life easier for us all. Email your tip to us at and we thank you in advance! You can check these out by clicking the "Trouble Shooting" Button above!

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311 - 33 Street North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 3Z6
Phone (587) 486-9925, Facsimile (587) 486-9651