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Friday, December 15, 2017


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Troubleshooting Tips
No. 20 - Totalizer Readings from Kraus Micon 100, 200 and 500 and MTI (D&H) EQ30 Retrofit Heads with Progressive International C2000-K Console

We have learned that all of the above heads, which use Kraus Protocol, do not store a transaction in their Pump Totals so that it can be polled remotely until the next authorization. You can, however, read the correct totalizer at the pump using normal pump totalizer reading methods.

To compensate for this Progressive International have programmed the C2000-K so that it automatically adds the last sale to the polled total. We understand most other manufacturers of serial equipment have done this as well.

Thus there is no problem unless for some reason you perform a master reset on the Console. The Console then does not have the last sale in its memory.

If at that point you request Pump Totals from the pump without authorizing it and resetting it, you will get a totalizer reading that differs from the pump by the amount of the last sale on the pump.

This will only occur until you reset the pump, after a “Master” reset on the Console.

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