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Friday, December 15, 2017


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Troubleshooting Tips
No. 17 Esco Genesis and MTI (D&H) EQ 30 Heads Pulse Rates

 When setting up D&H EQ30 Heads you should set up Code 02 for Penny Console and Code 03 for PennY .004 or Vol .004 depending on wether you are going to pulse off of Money or Volume (The Console can be set to accept Volume Pulses and calculate the Money).

We have found many people setting the head for Vol .008 (D&H Default) or PennY.008 . The following will give you and idea of the limitations doing that.

The Esco Genesis will start to miss pulses at around 3500 pulses/min ($35.00 /min) when the head is set at PennY.008 . It will not start to miss pulses until about 7000 pulses/min ($70.00 /min) when set at PennY.004 . The higher the Price continues to rise per Litre the more problems you will encounter with the PennY.008 setting. The following will give you a better idea:

Setting PennY.008   Setting PennY.004
70 lpm = maximum price $0.50 per litre   70 lpm = maximum price $1.00 per litre
60 lpm = maximum price $0.58 per litre   60 lpm = maximum price $1.16 per litre
50 lpm = maximum price $0.70 per litre   50 lpm = maximum price $1.40 per litre
40 lpm = maximum price $0.875 per litre   40 lpm = maximum price $1.75 per litre
35 lpm = maximum price $1.00 per litre   35 lpm = maximum price $2.33 per litre

This is of course based on a 10 PPU per unit setting in the head and the Console at 1 (1 to 1, this is the default setting).

If you run both the head and Console on Volume the accuracy on money suffers due to round off. The higher the price the worse it gets. This is due to the fact the head is calculating the money based on 1/1000 of a Liter, and the Console is calculating it on 1/100 of a litre.

The best accuracy can be achieved by setting the head at Vol.004 and 100PPU and the console at 1 (1 to1) as you set it for Money. If you set the head at 10PPU the console must be set at /10 (1 to 10), and the round off will be to 1/10 of a liter instead off 1/100 of a litre.

It should be noted that at 100 PPU and Vol.004 you are limiting your maximum flow rate to around 70 lpm so you really do not gain anything.

Page Last Updated: Tue, 10 Oct 2017