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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Tank Gauges and Alarms
Tank Gauges and Alarms

Krueger Therma Gauge

Krueger Therma Gauge
This "highly visible" gauge is recommended for use when mounting close to a tank wall and for tanks with baffles or other obstructions. Direct mechanical action, reliable construction and "high visibility" make this gauge the perfect choice for tanks with depths up to 12 feet.
• Patented calibration assembly withstands pressure of 70 lbs.P.S.I.
• Double Plastic Dome is almost indestructible.
• Gallon Readout available for standard 275 gal. oval tanks.
• All internal tank parts available in stainless steel.
• Repair parts available
Krueger Thera Gauge   Krueger Therma Gauge Arm
The Gauge Guard for above
Krueger Gauge Guard
Protect your Therma Gauge against the elements or breakage. Rugged metal, coated bright red for immediate visibility.
Alarm for above
Krueger Alarm
• Loud Audible Alarm
• Easy installation
• Set for high level, low level or leak detection alarm
• Lithium battery
• Can add on existing gauges
• Weather resistant
• Remote options available

Meco AST Overfill Alarm

mecoAlarmmecoAlarm /LED
mecoAlarm™Normal and Extended and new available mecoAlarm with LED
The mecoAlarm™ is an inexpensive battery operated, Intrinsically Safe Overfill Alarm offering the following features
• Certified Intrinsically Safe to ANSI/UL 913.
• Meets NFPA 30 A, UL 2244 and UFC Requirements.
• Assists in Overfill Prevention.
• Loud (100 db) Pulsating Alarm to alert the operator when the product level reaches the preset level.
• New! visual LED light indicator designed to illuminate whenever the 100 db alarm sounds.
• 9 VDC Battery Powered (Battery not included. Lithium battery is recommended in all installations for extended life.)
9 V Alkaline for -4° to +130° F operation.
9 V Lithium for -40° to +158° F Operation
• No Power consumption in the "Non-alarm" condition provides years of life from a Lithium Battery.
• Ultra low power consumption after Alarm reset.
• Ultralife® 9 V Lithium batteries available at Radio Shack.
• Use on protected or standard tanks.
• Easy field retrofit. No conduit required.
• Optional connections for 12 V Intrinsically Safe line power supply.
• Single push button switch for test before filling tank and to reset Audible Alarm after the high level alarm point is reached.
• Adjustable Float Switch to accommodate a wide range of high level alarm point settings.
• Float Switch adjustment range is from 12 to 20 inches. Further adjustments can be accomplished using pipe nipples.
• The mecoAlarm™ case has provision inside the cover for wall mounting. This means the case (Alarm) can mounted up to 500 feet from the float switch assembly, utilizing conduit and wiring.

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