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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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No. 7 Gilbarco T16226 Screened Image Display Jumper Settings
Revised February 1996

This revision of our tst No. 7 is the result of our learning all of the Jumper Settings on the T16226-G1 and G3 Main Screened Image Display used in Gilbarco Highline 111B and Salesmaker 4 Pumps and Dispensers with Modular Electronics.

We have learned that Jumpers JP 3 through JP 6 affect the operation of the heater circuits and therefore it is important that they be properly set.

Jumper JP-1 - Front Side (Display A1 & A2) "IN", Rear Side (Display B1 & B2) "OUT".

Jumper JP-2 - "OUT" ( only "IN" on power up for RAM reset. Should not be left "IN").

Jumper JP-3 - "IN" on left front display (Display A1). "OUT" on all other positions.

Jumper JP-4 - "IN" on left rear display (Display B1). "OUT" on all other positions.

Jumper JP-5 - "IN" on right front display (Display A2). "OUT" on all other positions.

Jumper JP-6 - "IN" on right rear display (Display B2). "OUT" on all other positions.

Jumper JP-7 - Only found on T16226-G3 Boards; Must be in A position turns Volume Display decimals on.

Display Locations

Only one of Jumpers JP-3 through JP-6 should be installed on the board at one time.

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