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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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No. 3 - Re-Occurring problems on Gilbarco Modular Pumps
Published: Revised December 1998

This is a Tip that was passed on to us some years ago by a good friend!

Our friend had a relative who was experiencing re-occurring problems with one of his Gilbarco Modular Highline 111B Pumps. The pump displays kept cutting out. The Gilbarco distributor had replaced the Regulator Board once themselves and then every time the problem re-occurred, would send him another. Each time it was replaced it would work for a while and then fail.

On one of his visits our friend agreed to take a look. The only thing he could find was wrong was a green wire (from the description it sounds like the main ground to the modular Power Supply, Plug 601, Pin 1, found on the rear of the Power Supply, behind the right rear display on the Highline) was not in its socket but had been pushed back out. By our friend's description it would appear it had never been inserted properly to begin with during pump assembly.

Our friend inserted it properly and when the unit was powered back up it worked properly and did not fail again, as he checked back in a few weeks. He could not figure out how this had an impact, and neither can we, except that possibly the site had a bad neutral and when combined with no ground it presented problems.

It only confirms our belief that before changing boards, you should ensure there are no power problems, such as low power, bad neutral lines or bad ground lines. Always check power between hot and neutral, and hot and ground. You should always get exactly the same voltage reading.

Our thanks and our tip of the hat to Terry McCartney of Kootenay Valley Petroleum Service!

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