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Friday, December 15, 2017


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Troubleshooting Tips

No. 19 - SKIL 409A3 Kraus I.S. Switch Assembly

We have found that in some instances the relay on the board will not switch the #14 Brown Authorize wire to authorize the Kraus Head. However the board may not be faulty.

It can be tested as follows:

Check the voltage between the red wire coming from Pin 2 (see Figure 1 below) on the Controller and the ground pad on the board with an accurate multi meter. The voltage should be 7.0 VDC. If the voltage is less than 6.75 VDC the relay will not engage.
Schematic SKIL409
Figure 1

If the voltage is low (above 4.5 VDC) the head will probably be trying to reset but because the authorize is not happening the head will not reset. Short the wires connected to J5 and J6 and see if the head will reset. If it will the board is probably not faulty.

If the power is low it will be caused by a faulty battery or by a faulty controller board.

Try the changing the battery first and then if the condition persists change the Controller board


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