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Friday, December 15, 2017


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Troubleshooting Tips
#11 Kraus Type A and B SKIL184 Software Swapping

It has come to our attention that Contractors in the field are swapping Type A (CP1.2) Software for Type B (ATC2.4) Software on SKIL 184 ATC Boards, or visa versa, as a result of them changing SKIL 152 Assy 15 Controller Software.

If this is done without changing the resistor closest to the right of the ATC Probe Plug on the SKIL 184 ATC Board (as shown in figure 1) it will result in the plus temperature range being out of compensation. It will be further out the higher the temperature.

Resistor Location on ATC Board

The POT on the end of the board adjusts the minus temperature and it also will have to be adjusted in the event of a software type change.

The resistor must be a 784 Ohm for Type A (CP1.2) Software and 1.09K (1090) Ohm for Type B (ATC2.4) Software. Other values will give compensation error.

ERI can change these resistors for you and test the board for operation with the software you will be putting into service!

Page Last Updated: Tue, 17 Oct 2017