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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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No. 10 Turn off that Power
May 1994

Warning! Turn off the Power before changing any circuit board or component in any piece of electronic equipment (this includes Pumps, Dispensers, Consoles and Printers).

We have recently received back a number of boards under warranty which have obviously been changed with power on and accidentally shorted to frame or other metal object. This results in most components on the board being damaged and means they must be changed. This drives up the cost of the board repairs and results in a higher end cost to you.

However the cost is the least important thing! The most important consideration is yoursafety! On some boards there are high voltages present. In the case of Gilbarco displays this is as high as 180 Volts DC.

If you happened to be between the display and ground you would be picking yourself off of the ground about 50 feet from where you caused the short. If your heart happened to be in that same path, you would be picked up by a paramedic or the coroner!

This also brings up another important point! You should in normal practice be grounded when handling circuit boards to prevent damage from static electricity. Make sure that you are grounded with an approved static wrist or ankle strap that has a built in resistor to prevent high current passing through your body in the event you short something that is live.

Also make sure when turning off Power that you use proper shut down procedures for the equipment you are changing to avoid creating yourself other problems.

Prevent damage to components, yourself and others - Turn off the Power!

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