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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Printers for use with all makes of Service Station Pumps and Dispensers, Consoles and POS Systems.

Esco Printers
Esco Services Inc. is a U.S. Rebuilder who has also branched into the manufacture of Intercoms, Lockout Boxes, Emergency Stops, etc. As well they specialize in the interfacing of various Printers to various OEM Self Serve Systems.
DE8340 Series Printer4700 Series Printer950 Series Printer
DE8300 Series                             4700 Series                                    950 Series

The Esco 8300 Series Printers are receipt printers that have models which will Interface with:

• Esco Genesis• Bennett 200, 400 Series• Bennett Omni
• Gilbarco Transac 11,12A,12C,12G• Gilbarco TS1000• Southwest ECS1, ECS1A
• Tokheim Mems II, Mems III• Tokheim Vision, Mems V, IV (Master Units only)• Tokheim 908
• Dresser-Wayne 2400 Old• Dresser-Wayne 2400 New 

The Esco 4700 Series Printers are Journal/Receipt Printers without Validation which will interface with:

• Southwest ECS1, ECS1A• Tokheim Vision, V VI• Bennett 200, 410, 430
• Esco Genesis• Gilbarco TS1000 

The Esco 950 Series Printers are Journal/Receipt Printers with Validation which will interface with:

• Verifone Ruby• Dresser-Wayne Plus• Tokheim Mems IV, V

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