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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Islands and Island Accessories
Islands and Island Accessories

Mid West Group Pre-fabricated Pump Islands

Mid West Pump Island View 1Mid West Pump Island View 2

Mid West Pump Island View 3Mid West Pump Island View 4
• 11 1/2" High - complete with:

• 1/2" Bump Out

• Re-bar reinforcement

• Primer Coat - exterior
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Island Accessories

Credit Card Clip Board

Credit Card Clip Board
• Slotted Top holds and displays Credit Card

• Heavy-duty spring clamp holds vertical or horizontal receipts

Card Cleaners

Cleaning Cards
• CCC-1 Magnetic Stripe Reader Cleaner available in boxes of 50

• CCC-2 Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards available in boxes of 25

Windshield Wash

Windshield Wash Center
• Holds folded Paper Towels

• SB-VUE Single Bucket type with reversible sign "Self Serve" or "Full Serve"

Out of Order Bags

"Out of Order" Nozzle Cover Bags
• Made of tough Vinyl Plastic

• Available in Red or Yellow

CU-30 Hex Waste Container

CU-30 Hexagon Telescopic Waste Container
• Uses 30 Gallon Trash Bags

• Tough high density polyethylene

• Base can be bolted to keep secure on island

CU-3 Waste Container / Windshield Centre

CU-3 Telescopic Waste / Windshield Service Center
• uses 39 or 55 gallon trash bags

• Tough high density polyethylene

• Base can be bolted to keep secure on island

ICC-1 Island Convenience Centre

ICC-1 Island Convenience Center
• Service Customers on both sides of the Island

• Center features two built in Windshield Service units with removable towel and water inserts.

• Includes a waste container all in and area less than three square feet.

• 57 -1/4" high x 26 -1/2" wide x 15 -1/2 deep

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