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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


electronic rebuilders Division Limited Warranty
ERI Rebuilt Parts
We will warrant that our products will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 360 days (1 year), except for Printers which will be 180 days (6 months), from date of invoice, or from date of installation provided a properly completes "Warranty Registration Card" is returned with the core coming back or mailed in separately (a card is included with the rebuilt item).

ERI's warranty does not apply to any items which have been determined as misused; misapplied; modified; repaired; or incorrectly installed.

It should be noted that in the case of printers, any damage caused to the Printer or its Driver board by/or resulting from either paper or ribbon jams or attempts to clear them is deemed to be misuse and will not be covered by warranty.

ERI supplied New Products
The Manufacturer's Warranty will apply. As this varies from product to product, please check with us if questions arise.

During the warranty period listed ERI agrees to replace and/or repair any equipment that fits the criteria of ERI's limited warranty, FOB our Calgary warehouse.  Any items returned for warranty must be shipped prepaid.

Effective: January 1, 1994
Replaces July 1, 1993

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